The Wolf Among Us 2 Update Is Coming Soon, Says Telltale

The Wolf Among Us 2

It was two years ago when the surprise announcement came that The Wolf Among Us 2 was being revived under the new version of Telltale Games. It was an exciting time, as that game is a follow-up to a game that helped to launch the original Telltale into being a major developer, and helped define their style for nearly a decade. However, it has been very quiet since that point, and it was absent from this year’s Game Awards. However, it seems an update is upon us.

On the official company blog, in the same post that details the recently announced Expanse game from Telltale, they give a brief mention of Wolf. While they don’t give any solid information, they do promise that an update is coming soon. While that is vague, they do say that update will come in a few weeks in the next issue of Game Informer, so we know when to actually expect something more concrete.

“Back in December of 2019, we revealed TWAU2 going into pre-production. The team is hard at work, but you may have noticed we did not have anything new to say about it for The Game Awards. We know that you, our fans, have been incredibly patient and supportive. We also know that you’ve got a BUNCH of questions about what’s happening at Telltale (and in Fabletown) — we see them every day in social media.

Good news is that we will be able to answer some of your questions soon…

A Telltale update in GAME INFORMER

That’s why we’re going to be in issue 342 of Game Informer, which hits in just a couple weeks! We’re going to open up about our games, working in a new engine, and how Telltale is rebuilding a new studio…and we promise to have something else you can really sink your teeth into early next year!”

It’s hard to tell how much information we really get for the game. We heard way back in 2019 that the game was essentially rebuilt from scratch, so it could be a decent ways off still. At the very least, we should hear at least some tidbit of information in the next few weeks.

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