The Xbox App on PC is Getting New Features Starting Today

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While Microsoft has been committed to ensuring that everyone enjoys gaming regardless of what platform they’re playing on, their Xbox app for the Windows platform has been lacking in features that the community’s been asking for. The company, however, has been very responsive to these requests, and to that end, Xbox has now added new features in its PC app, further improving its user experience.

Starting today, users on the Xbox app on PC can select what folder to install their games in. Originally, the app used to create a folder at the root of storage, which was mostly inaccessible to the user, and files couldn’t be moved.

Besides that, users can now access files for certain games, allowing movement of files, repairing, and much more, along with the ability to mod games. These features for the app comes in right after Xbox announced the games that are being added to the Game Pass service for March starting today.

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