Top 15 Superhero Games of the 8th Console Generation

Superhero games used to have a history of being inconsistent, and for every great superhero game we got, we also used to get several others that were largely forgettable. 2009’s Batman: Arkham Asylum, however, was the beginning of a new chapter, and especially in the 8th console generation, the genre has delivered a number of great games at a steady clip. In this feature, we’re going to rank what we feel have been the 15 best superhero games of the PS4 and Xbox One era.


megaton rainfall

The very definition of the phrase diamond in the rough, Pentadimensional Games’s 2017 first person action title Megaton Rainfall is a game that is great in spite of itself. Its rough around the edges in more ways than one, but it captures the power fantasy that every superhero game should deliver almost perfectly with its vast setting and its stylish combat.

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