Top Horror Games Coming In 2021

Sometime in 2021 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

Martha is Dead is another psychological horror game from the creator of The Town of Light and it looks seriously disturbing. Blending traditional horror imagery with an almost dreamlike undertone, this particular story takes a 1944 narrative and goes hard in showing how truly brutal World War II was in its own right while adding a supernatural element to the horrors faced. 

As tension with Germany escalates, a body of a drowned and desecrated woman is found; Martha. Martha is, in fact, dead and it is her twin that must face a reality that includes her sister’s murder. 

This game is another highly anticipated entry for me personally because of its historical background and how it aims to deal with themes such as loss, regret, and familial relationships. Beyond just jumpscares, the messaging of Martha is Dead goes behind campy tales; it is a very real experience designed to get under your skin and make you doubt everything you know and feel. 

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