Total War Studio is Working on a New Action Game


Developer Creative Assembly has announced a new action game in development. In a post on the studio’s official website, Creative Assembly has stated that the new action game is quite a ways away from having any details revealed just yet.

Currently, Creative Assembly is building up a team of developers for the new game, and has sent out a call to action for potential developers to apply. Open positions include a senior combat designer, a lead concept artist, and an animation programmer, among other roles.

Development of the new game is being handled by the CA Sofia studio in Bulgaria. The studio has previously worked on multiple Total War DLC releases, as well as A Total War Saga: Troy. Despite its work on a new game, the studio will also continue to work on Total War releases with its own dedicated team.

Creative Assembly unveiled another action game—HYENAS. The game, a competitive first-person shooter with its own unique twists, kicked off its closed alpha back in July.

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