Twelve Minutes Fan Hideo Kojima Expresses His Desire To Work On Another Adventure Game

Twelve Minutes

Legendary game designer Hideo Kojima recently took to Twitter to express to his fans about his desires of making another adventure game after playing Luis Antonio’s Twelve Minutes. Kojima himself seems to be a big fan of the game, and it has inspired him to want to make another adventure game.

The Death Stranding director relates it to the Amiga games he used to play back in the day. He also expresses his liking for Willem Dafoe – a renowned actor playing the role of the menacing cop in Twelve Minutes. The star-studded cast of Twelve Minutes is a big highlight of the experience, so it isn’t entirely surprising that Kojima likes it so much.

What Kojima is working on remains a mystery till now except a handful of rumors. Renowned game journalist Jeff Grubb believes that he is working with Microsoft for the next project, while the Abandoned Blue Box mystery also seems to be raging in full force following recent developments on the matter.

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