Two Point Campus Listed on Microsoft Store

Two Point Campus

Sega’s Two Point Hospital has some new Sonic the Hedgehog crossover content coming in July but that’s not all that developer Two Point Studios has in store. A Microsoft Store listing for Two Point Campus has emerged for Xbox One and PC (though it will likely be announced for PS4 and Nintendo Switch as well). No release date was provided.

As the name indicates, Two Point Campus is all about building the “university of your dreams.” Players can customize every aspect of the campus, right down to the benches, picket fences and sculptures. Students can indulge in various courses from Knight School to Gastronomy but you’ll have time to bring in different teachers – from “eccentric professors” to “madcap researchers” – and create libraries, clubs and so on for your students.

Over time, you can learn more about each student from their desires and quirks to relationships and friends. It’s all about creating a worthwhile environment to educate and nurture them. Neither Sega nor Two Point Studios have made an official announcement about Two Point Campus but a reveal should be coming soon. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.

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