Unannounced Dragon’s Dogma, Monster Hunter, Onimusha Sequels Mentioned in Massive Capcom Leak

Remakes for Power Stone and Final Fight also supposedly in the works.

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Capcom has fallen victim to a massive, what must be devastating leak for them, and in recent days, we’ve heard about quite a few of their unannounced plans for the coming years. From Resident Evil Village’s planned launch window to Street Fighter 6 to Monster Hunter Rise and Stories 2 coming to PC as well, quite a few of their plans have been revealed due to the leak.

In fact, the leak goes into quite a lot of detail, essentially laying out their planned releases for the next few years (via ResetEra), with multiple major unannounced releases mentioned alongside their planned launch windows. Of these, Dragon’s Dogma 2, which Capcom’s Hideaki Itsuno has spoken of in the past, is one of the most high profile, and as per the leak, is planned to come out in Q2 of financial year 2022. 

Several Resident Evil games are also seemingly planned, with something called Resident Evil Outrage planned for Q4 FY 2021, the rumoured Resident Evil 4 remake planned for Q4 FY 2022, a game titled Resident Evil Apocalypse planned for Q4 FY 2023, and a game referred to as Resident Evil Hank scheduled for Q4 FY 2024. 

Meanwhile, it also seems like Capcom has plans to release multiple editions of Street Fighter 6 over the coming years, which, of course, is something series fans will be used to. As per the leak, the base game is scheduled to release in Q3 FY 2022 (which falls in line with recent rumours), with Super Street Fighter 6 coming in Q4 FY 2023, and finally, Ultra Street Fighter 6 planned for Q4 FY 2024. 

There are some other major games mentioned in the leak as well, with Monster Hunter in particular getting a couple of mentions. The Ultimate (or G) version of Monster Hunter Rise is supposedly planned for Q4 FY 2022, while not long afterward, Monster Hunter 6, the mainline sequel to World, is planned for Q2 FY 2023. 

Something else that’s likely to get a lot of attention is a new Onimusha game that’s supposedly in the works, and planned for Q4 FY 2022. After the launch of Onimusha: Warlords Remastered last year, rumours and speculation of a new mainline entry in the series have been quite prevalent. 

On top of all of this, it also seems Capcom is currently working on a slate of other revivals for some of their classic properties. Captain Commando, the sidescrolling arcade beat ’em up they released in 1991, is supposedly getting a new game in Q4 FY 2023, while remakes for Final Fight and Power Stone are planned for FY 2024, in Q2 and Q3 respectively. 

As is the case with any leak, it’s best to not take this as confirmation of any sort, even though this leak in particular seems to be incredibly detailed and elaborate (and coming off the back of a publicly known Capcom data breach). Either way, if that is indeed the lineup Capcom is planning on sticking to for the coming years, they sure do have a lot of crowd-pleasers in the works.

We’ll keep you updated should we learn anything more, so stay tuned.

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