V Rising Sells 2.5 Million Copies, Details on Future Updates Coming Soon

V Rising

After hitting two million units sold on June 17th, Stunlock Studios’ survival action RPG V Rising has hit a new sales milestone. It’s now at 2.5 million copies sold, which is very impressive considering it went into early access on May 17th for PC.

In some follow-up tweets, the developer said it would discuss future updates “soon.” Also, while it’s focused on making the game “the best it can be for PC and Steam for now,” it’s aware of player interest in console ports. It could very well come to other platforms, much like Iron Gate’s Valheim for Xbox, but that may be a ways off for now.

Back in May, Stunlock Studios said its focus was on bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and optimizing servers. Though new material is confirmed that will “inject more life into Vardoran” was confirmed to be in development, it was too early back then to discuss the next big content patch. Perhaps some hints will be revealed in the coming months. Stay tuned in the meantime

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