Valkyrie Elysium is Out Now on PC

valkyrie elysium

Soleil’s Valkyrie Elysium is finally available for PC via Steam, having launched back in September for PS4 and PS5. As a follow-up to Square Enix’s Valkyrie Profile series, the story is about a new Valkyrie who must prevent Ragnarok at the behest of Odin. However, not everything is what it seems in the world.

Combat is real-time, with elemental attacks used to weaken and break enemies. Like the older games, the Valkyrie can recruit different Einherjar to fight by her side. Summoning them into combat confers elemental properties to one’s weapons, and they’re also helpful for bypassing obstructions in the world.

The PC release also comes with “Hilde’s Vengeance,” a free post-launch update that adds a new story with Hilde as the protagonist. You can also enter the Seraphic Gate and fight in time attack battles, earning different rewards. “Very Hard” and “Valkyrie” difficulties are also available in the story, presenting tougher challenges.

For more details on Valkyrie Elysium, check out our review of the PS5 version here.

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