Valorant Gets New Trailer Showing Off Map Based in India

valorant lotus

Riot Games has released a trailer for the biggest upcoming addition to Valorant in its next update—a new map titled Lotus. The trailer gives us a great look at the new map, which is set in India. The map will be available in update 6.00, slated for release on January 10, and will kick off Valorant’s Season 6: Act 1.

Going by the trailer, Lotus will feature three main areas to fight in, in a similar vein to Haven. Check it out below. Lotus is slated to be the ninth map that has been added to Valorant since its release back in 2020.

The update will also be bringing with it over a dozen bug fixes, which will fix issues such as Killjoy’s Lockdown ability not taking damage from other abilities.

Riot Games has been fairly active in updating Valorant with new content and bug fixes. Most recently, the game saw itself show up in news headlines owing to the fact that it, alongside League of Legends and Legends of Runeterra, are now available on PC Game Pass with all content unlocked.

Valorant is a free-to-play game, and is available on PC. While the game doesn’t have any console versions, rumours indicate that console versions are under development.

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