Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moonspell DLC Announced, Adds New Characters and Weapons

Vampire Survivors - Legacy of the Moonspell

poncle’s Vampire Survivors is getting its first paid DLC with Legacy of the Moonspell. Though a release date wasn’t announced, the Steam listing is live and details the new content. Of course, as with the base game, “hidden mysteries” also abound.

The DLC adds a new stage, Mt. Moonspell, where the Moonspell clan faced their end and where yokai and oni are rampant. It’s the game’s biggest stage, with multiple environments like a snow-covered mountain, a village full of yokai, and an abandoned castle.

Eight new characters are also being added, including Miang Moonspell, the clan’s last disciple; Menya Moonspell, a Moonspell elder with powerful abilities; Syuuto Moonspell, banished for using new moon dark magic; and more. The 13 new weapons include the Silver Wind staff, Four Seasons orbs, Summon Night, Mirage Robe, and more. If that weren’t enough, six new music tracks are also included.

Vampire Survivors is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Stay tuned for more details on Legacy of the Moonspell in the coming days.

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