Victoria 3 Announced for PC, Coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC at Launch

The community has been requesting the grand strategy game for years.

Victoria 3

Paradox Interactive has announced grand strategy sequel Victoria 3, a sequel that fans of the Victoria series have been requesting for years. Victoria 2, the last entry in the series, released in 2010. Victoria 3 will release on PC and on Xbox Game Pass for PC at launch. No release date was announced.

“After years of community requests and curiosity about the future of one of the company’s iconic games, Victoria 3 is instantly one of the most highly anticipated grand strategy games in Paradox’s history,” according to Paradox Interactive. “Victoria 3 is a society simulator set in a time of great change. Track the needs and desires of national populations, each group with its own political and material preferences. Conservative factions may resist political reform as growing numbers of tradespeople and intellectuals push for a greater say in how the nation is run. Trade a wide range of goods on a global scale to make sure that needs are met at home, because if people are hungry and disenfranchised, revolution beckons.”

The game promises a deep societal simulation that will allow players to improve the lives of citizens in their country, see the wonders of the Victorian Age, and engage in deep diplomatic, political, and economic systems. Players will be able to choose from one of 183 countries to play as.

You can watch the announcement trailer below:

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