Wasteland 3 Will Have Two Expansions

Ranger HQ is getting more content while the entire game receives “extra audio” and new songs.

wasteland 3

inXile Entertainment may be working on a new IP but it’s not done with Wasteland 3 just yet. Following numerous updates, the developer announced the first paid expansion, The Battle of Steeltown, for release on June 3rd. According to studio head Brian Fargo on Twitter, there will be two expansions for the title in total.

On top of new story quests and a new location, The Battle of Steeltown will also add new content to the base game with new armor, weapons and world map encounters. According to Fargo, Ranger HQ is also getting some content. “Extra audio” will also be sprinkled through the main game for increased reactivity. If that weren’t enough, you can expect “quite a few” more new songs.

Whether inXile Entertainment will announce an expansion pass remains to be seen. In the meantime, Wasteland 3 will be getting patch 1.4.0 before The Battle of Steeltown’s release. New features are promised so stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

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