Watch Dogs: Legion Microtransactions Include Cosmetics, Operatives, Currency Packs

Want to skip the whole “recruiting” deal? The premium store allows for that.

watch dogs legion

Several intriguing details about Watch Dogs: Legion have emerged over the past few days, including post-launch content plans. One thing that hasn’t received too much attention is the game’s microtransactions, which are officially detailed here. The premium currency is known as WD Credits and they can be used in the in-game premium store for several things.

For $1, you get 100 WD Credits to purchase cosmetics, a map for collectibles, ETO packs (which are the in-game currency) and special Operatives. You can also purchase bundles of WD Credits for discounts on the whole deal. As to the Operatives, they’re described as having “unique personalities, outfits, masks and cosmetics to amp up your flair.”

However, their weapons, traits and abilities “can be found on other Londoners around the city,” as per Ubisoft. So you won’t be gaining any gameplay advantages over other Operatives available in-game. It does potentially mean that you have to spend less time hunting for good selections of traits and weapons, which dulls the point of the experience. But we’ll have to play the game to see for ourselves.

Watch Dogs: Legion is currently slated to release on October 29th for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Google Stadia. The Xbox One X/S versions arrive on November 10th. PS5 players can play it on November 12th.

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