Watch Dogs: Legion Review Embargo Will Lift October 28

That’s one day before the launch.

watch dogs legion

The Watch Dogs series has been an interesting one to look at as far as tone and story. Each entry has gone in a different direction in how it portrays its characters and their goals, and the next entry, Legion, is going in yet another shift with an ambitious system that will allow you to be literally anyone in your crusade. Well, how that’ll land will be anyone’s guess, but as far as critics, you’ll know what they think the day before release.

It’s been revealed via OpenCritic that reviews for Watch Dogs: Legion will see embargoes lift on October 28th at 7:00AM EST. The official launch of the game will be the day after. So, keep your eyes peeled to see what the general consensus will end up being. It’ll be interesting to see with what Ubisoft is trying here.

Watch Dogs: Legion will release on October 29th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia. Those who pre-ordered digitally on the Xbox One can also preload now. Legion will also come to the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S with those consoles’ launches.

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