“We Are Working on Increasing the Appeal of Nintendo Switch Online” – Nintendo

Nintendo Switch Online

Since Nintendo Switch Online launched in 2018, the subscription service has brought in quite a few users, with the number standing at over 26 million as of September of last year. It allows for online play, of course, and has selection of NES and SNES games that are made available in its catalog, while games such as Tetris 99, Pac-Man 99, and Super Mario Bros. 35 have been made available exclusively to subscribers- but even so, there are many who feel that it’s perhaps not the most valuable service around.

Nintendo, however, is looking to further increase the appeal and value of Nintendo Switch Online. At least that’s what Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa said in the company’s recent general annual shareholders meeting.

When asked about Nintendo Switch Online, Furukawa said: “Membership in this service exceeded 26 million paying accounts in September of last year and is still growing steadily, in step with the increase in Nintendo Switch system sales. For Nintendo Switch Online, it’s important not only to increase the number of new members, but also to encourage existing members to continue using the service, so we are working on increasing the appeal of the service to make it even more fun and convenient to play with Nintendo Switch.”

More exclusive releases and more NES and SNES games to play will be on many people’s wishlists, of course, but hopefully we can see something along the lines of Game Boy or N64 games being added to the service hope. As unlikely as that seems, we can always hope.

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