Weird West Crosses 400,000 Players Since Launch

weird west

After numerous delays, WolfEye Studios’ immersive action RPG Weird West finally launched on March 31st. Despite being available for less than two weeks, it already had over 400,000 players (as per a recent press release). Given its availability on Game Pass for PC and consoles, actual sales numbers are hard to judge but it’s still a pretty big milestone.

Patch 1.01 went live earlier this week, bringing several improvements to the UI and more save slots for the PC version along with fixing bugs. In addition, the first limited-time community event went live yesterday with players battling the plague-ridden undead. The developer also revealed its roadmap for future free updates which include a new Content Pack, Nimpossible Mode, mod support and the Caged Ones event.

When this will all become available remains to be seen so stay tuned. For more details on Weird West, you can check out our official review here. It’s currently out for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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