Weird West “Snake-In-My-Boot” Update is Live; Adds New Encounters, Location Set-ups and Quality of Life Features

Weird West

WolfEye Studios has released patch 1.02 “Snake-In-My-Boot” for its immersive sim/action RPG Weird West, adding a number of quality of life features and some new content. The latter includes new encounters, new location set-ups and layouts, and much more. Check out the trailer below.

Along with the option to knock out NPCs with blunt weapons (along with your fists and kicks), there’s also an option to stealth kill unaware foes with melee weapons. A new projectile aiming system has also been implemented that provides revamped projectile speed and arc when throwing dynamite and other projectiles.

A weapon scrapping mode for scrapping all weapons at once, including those in Companions’ and horse’s inventory, is also available. Managing your posse’s inventory has also been made easier thanks to a UI overhaul which adds larger grids, item sorting, transferring from one character directly to another and much more. Patch 1.03 is currently slated to release in mid-June so stay tuned for more details.

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