WILD HEARTS – Optional Quests, Weapon Types, Karakuri Thread, and More Detailed

Wild Hearts

Amid all of the releases that Electronic Arts is publishing, Omega Force’s WILD HEARTS is the most unique. It’s a triple-A hunting game a la Monster Hunter but also features building mechanics, not unlike Fortnite. New previews and gameplay for the same have gone up, with IGN sharing details on various aspects.

For starters, you have main story quests that are active while traveling throughout the world. There are also optional quests which must be manually triggered and involve hunting certain monsters that have already been encountered. Optional quests can be started from the map or a campfire and provide points for new building skills, along with materials for equipment upgrades.

There are eight weapon types, ranging from easy options like the Karakuri Katana to those requiring more skill like the Wagasa (the parasol-esque weapon) and the Bow. Tutorials were stated to be lackluster during the preview, but perhaps that will change in the final game. More “crunchy” and obvious feedback from the combat was also desired.

As for the Karakuri, they’re used for things like building springs for dashing, crates to jump off of, and the torch which engulfs your weapon in flames. There’s also the Bulwark which can stop a charging Kemono like the Kingtusk. However, it costs six Karakuri, and Karakuri requires thread to craft. You can usually find a good amount by exploring, but it’s also obtained by attacking a Kemono’s weak points.

WILD HEARTS is out on February 17th, 2023, for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC. Stay tuned for more details shortly.

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