WRC Generations – Leagues Mode Receives New Trailer and Details

With WRC Generations as the final title under the license developed by KT Racing, it needed something to give it an extra bit of longevity. Enter Leagues Mode, which caters to the competitive-minded player. Check out the latest trailer below to see it in action.

Leagues Mode is available for solo and team players, with ranking for the latter based on points earned from each player. It supports cross-platform play (except on Nintendo Switch) and features six Leagues – Legend, Champion, Professional, Rookie, Junior, and Beginner. These are divided into three tiers, with each having groups of players.

You can have 30 solo players and eight teams in a group, with the League lasting for a few weeks or a season. Players complete the week-long qualification phase and compete in ten weeks of daily and weekly events. Re-ranking is done after each week concludes based on one’s performance.

Each event provides three attempts (though you get a warm-up mode to train for special stages), and events are different for solo and team players. While daily events consist of rally races with certain conditions and add to the group classification when the day is over, weekly events are a complete rally that must be completed in several sessions.

You can select a car in a category while taking care of damage, repairs and tire choices in the service park. After the season concludes, the top three teams and players worldwide will enter the Leagues Hall of Fame.

WRC Generations launches on November 3rd for Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5, and PC, with the Nintendo Switch version releasing on December 1st. The first season starts on November 28th, but a two-week pre-season will begin on October 31st for players to learn the mechanics.

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