Xbox and Bethesda Roundtable Announced for Today at 10 AM PST

Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg clarifies that it is “not focused on news or reveals.”

Bethesda Xbox

Remember when VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb reported on an “event” for March 11th where Microsoft would discuss its acquisition of Bethesda? And how Xbox UK clarified that its event for today had nothing to do with Bethesda? As it turns out, both were correct – Microsoft has just announced a separate roundtable discussion between Xbox and Bethesda team members for 10 AM PST on YouTube.

As Xbox game marketing GM Aaron Greenberg notes on Twitter though, this is a chance to “learn more about the teams and people at Bethesda.” This is not focused on news or reveals. As such, Microsoft already announced that some Bethesda titles would be coming to Xbox Game Pass this week and that some future titles would be exclusive to Xbox and PC.

For any further news or announcements, it might be pertinent to wait till June which is when E3 or whatever equivalent Summer gaming event takes place. Grubb reported that Microsoft and Bethesda would have their own showcases, though there was a chance of them happening back-to-back. As always, stay tuned for more details.

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