Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta Will Come To PC And iOS Spring 2021

It will be included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.


Game streaming is one of those things that’s kind of floated around for ages, or so it seems, but is just now getting to a point where it’s starting to break more into the mainstream. Microsoft seems to be going all in with their Xbox Cloud Gaming, also known by its codename “xCloud,” which they officially launched earlier this year, and for next year, it’s expanding.

As reported on the official Xbox website, a beta version of Xbox Cloud Gaming will launch on both PC and iOS. Phil Spencer has been talking about it for PC for quite some time. iOS was a little more complicated as Apple basically blocked the app due to their guidelines. Because of that, the iOS version of Game Pass will be through the web browser and apparently not as a dedicated app as it is on Android.

Both of those will launch in Spring 2021, and both will be included at no extra charge for those who subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Spencer has also said they plan to bring it to Xbox consoles at some point as well, but as of now, no time frame for that is known.

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