Xbox Cloud Gaming Isn’t “Very Far” From Being Available On iOS And PC

The long awaited cloud gaming could be coming soon.


Cloud gaming is something that is probably a good ways away from being viable for most people, but some companies are still very much going into that frontier. Sony with PlayStation Now and Google with Stadia, but maybe the most aggressive thus far has been Microsoft with their Cloud Gaming/xCloud. The service has been available for awhile via Android, but now hints are it won’t be too far until being available for PC and iOS.

Microsoft has been hinting that the service would be coming to those platforms soon. Phil Spencer even mentioned at the end of last year a beta was being planned for Spring 2021. In a new video that shows a walkthrough of Xbox Cloud Gaming, Kevin LaChapelle, Vice President of xCloud and Engineering at Microsoft, spoke briefly about it coming to PC and iOS. While not giving away specifics, he says, “I won’t give you specific dates but it’s not very far,” along with a few awkward winks.

It sounds as if it will be pretty soon, and we do know a beta version of the web browser version started earlier this year. Most likely, we should hear something pretty soon.

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