Xbox Game Pass is 15% Of Microsoft’s Gaming Revenue, Console Slows Down as PC Game Pass Growth Continues

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has revealed that Xbox Game Pass is profitable. According to The Verge’s Tom Warren, Spencer revealed during WSJ Live that around 15% of Microsoft’s gaming revenue comes from Xbox Game Pass.

“Game Pass as an overall part of our content and services revenue is probably 15 percent,” said Spencer. “I don’t think it gets bigger than that. I think the overall revenue grows so 15 percent of a bigger number, but we don’t have this future where I think 50–70 percent of our revenue comes from subscriptions.”

Spencer has also revealed that growth for Xbox Game Pass has begun to plateau. On the other hand, PC Game Pass is still seeing growth in terms of new users.

“We’re seeing incredible growth on PC… on console I’ve seen growth slow down, mainly because at some point you’ve reached everybody on console that wants to subscribe,” said Spencer.

Earlier this month, a public document released by Microsoft as part of its acquisition of Activision Blizzard revealed that Xbox Game Pass earned $2.9 billion in 2021.

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