Xbox Game Pass Is “Completely Sustainable The Way It Is,” Says Spencer

He also says that no price hikes are currently planned.

Xbox Game Pass

It is interesting to watch to watch the three platform holders in the video industry and see where their respective paths have taken them. Microsoft has pivoted a lot to services and a more open ecosystem, as seen primarily by their Xbox Game Pass service. It sees a rotating list of games coming and going, with the latest batch of titles recently announced. It’s the best deal in gaming, in fact some even think it’s too good to be true. Questions of sustainability and price swirl around those who wonder just what the long term impact of Game Pass will be. Well, if you believe Phil Spencer, things are hunky dory, at least for now.

On an episode of Dropped Frames, Spencer talked about Game Pass, specifically around the concern some have about price and sustainability. He said that as of now, the service is completely sustainable as it is from a business perspective and that people concerned about a potential price hike need not worry as there’s no plans in the pipeline for an increase in price.

Of course, to play the cynic, it’s not as if Spencer would be forthcoming about these if it were the opposite, but Xbox revenue was up 30% in the last fiscal quarter with Game Pass being pointed at as one of the reasons why. No one can say for sure what the future holds or what that looks like because of Game Pass, so for now, those in the Xbox ecosystem just have to enjoy the bounty of games

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