Xbox Game Pass Twitter Teases New Game, Asks About “Mysterious Signal” And “Anomaly”

A cryptic email points to something besides the Bethesda announcement.

Xbox Game Pass

It’s been something of a big day for the Xbox brand as well as Xbox Game Pass. Bethesda is now officially a part of Microsoft and their games will be slowly added to the service as time goes on. 20, in fact, of their classic catalog came today. But it seems as if there is more coming to the service, and a cryptic email may have you wondering what else is coming soon.

The official Xbox Game Pass Twitter posted an email from the tongue-in-cheek PR leaker Melissa McGamepass. There she talks about a new game confirmed to be coming to the service, not related to the other announcement (presumably meaning the Bethesda announcement). She goes on to ask if anyone else has been hearing a “mysterious signal” and if she is an “anomaly” in that.

As some have pointed out, it seems to be hints towards Outriders, as that game has plot points revealing around finding a mysterious radio signal and a superpower-giving anomaly. However, that comes out April 1st, so it seems somewhat unlikely. But there’s not a lot else that matches up with the wording, though it’s also possible the wording isn’t that important or really hinting at anything specific. For now, it’s a mystery.

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