Xbox Japan Unveils Their Newest Mascot

Yeah, that’s a thing.

Xbox Series X_S

Xbox and Japan have never quite mixed well together. While Microsoft has done a lot to court the region, from exclusives that were designed to garner the audience or getting top Japanese franchises to release on their machines, if anything the company has largely gone backwards with the Xbox One selling less than the Xbox 360. But, regardless, they are still there and ahead of the Tokyo Game Show 2020, they have revealed their newest mascot.

Via the official Twitter, Xbox Japan announced the unveiling of the latest mascot. She an anime-inspired character that has, I don’t know, ice skates and a giant HDMI chord? She seems to be holding a Xbox Series S and has the same color scheme as that console, which makes sense considering the pricing and size of the console makes it the most logical to market to Japan.

This isn’t actually the first time Xbox Japan has used an anime-inspired avatar as their mascot. There’s been several mascots for the Xbox brand in the region as well as anime characters throughout Asia to promote various services from Internet Explorer to Windows.

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