Xbox Remote Play App Now Live On iOS

Play your games and other features with the new app.


It’s been an interesting time in the gaming industry for Apple. Their high profile dispute with Epic Games has lead to a huge lawsuit essentially challenging their entire policy with mobile gaming and could have major impacts for the industry as a whole. But, as they say, life and business still go on, and today iOS got a little something for Xbox owners.

The Xbox Remote Play app is now live on iOS and can be downloaded on compatible iPhones and iPads. You can see the link through here. The app allows you to play games remotely from your Xbox One (as well as the Xbox Series systems when they launch), party chat with friends across devices, queue up games for download and share game clips and screenshots.

It’s somewhat ironic, as Microsoft has been trying to get Game Pass on iOS via Xbox Cloud Gaming to no dice. Allegedly, a browser-based app is on the way to circumvent that. The Xbox Remote Play app is available now on iOS and will eventually come to Android devices.

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