Xbox Series S Load Times Compared With Xbox One S in New Video

Watch how long it takes both consoles to load into The Outer Worlds.

xbox series s

Following up on a video highlighting the snappiness of Quick Resume on the console, Microsoft has released a load time comparison video for the Xbox Series S. Obsidian Entertainment’s The Outer Worlds is showcased and the time taken to load in from the main menu is compared. Check it out below.

While the RPG requires requires a 53 seconds and some change to load on the Xbox One S, it only takes 10 seconds or so on the Xbox Series S. It’s not surprising considering the latter has a solid state drive. But it serves to highlight the difference in loading times for a game of this magnitude (and maybe encourage you to get an Xbox Series S to enjoy it on).

The Xbox Series S is out on November 10th for $299. It launches on the same day as the Xbox Series X which will retail for $499. Pre-orders for both consoles will go live on September 22nd with the exact time revealed here. Stay tuned for more details on the console’s features in the coming months.

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