Xbox Series S – November 10 Launch Date Officially Confirmed

Microsoft officially confirms the release date for its weaker next-gen Xbox.

xbox series s

It’s been an eventful day for Xbox and Microsoft. After roughly a couple of years of leaks and speculation, things started really heating up with the Xbox Series S – previously known as Lockhart – when a leaked image earlier today gave us our first look at the console. Microsoft responded by officially confirming the console themselves with a tweet.

That was followed not long afterward by the console’s full reveal trailer being leaked, showing it from various angles, and describing several features and specs. Now, Microsoft have officially published that world premiere reveal trailer themselves, making the Xbox Series S completely official (finally).

Notably, unlike the leaked version, this reveal trailer ends wit a confirmation of the Xbox Series S’ launch date. The console will release worldwide on November 10. That, incidentally, is a date that was also leaked in a separate report earlier today. This trailer doesn’t mention the Xbox Series X or when it will release, but it’s a pretty safe bet that that will launch on the same day (especially since the aforementioned report stated that as well).

Microsoft are reportedly planning on holding a press event some time this month to share more details on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, but that’s something that remains unconfirmed for now. Stay tuned to GamingBolt for more updates.

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