Xbox Series X Heat Output Isn’t Much Different From The Xbox One X, Greenberg Reassures

Aaron Greenberg says he’s had no issues.

Xbox Series X

Both next generation systems have been out and about now, going out to various press outlets as well as influencers and YouTubers to try out. Both the PS5 and Series X have gotten praise, both with their sleek looks as well as their speedy boot up abilities. They are also apparently as quiet can be, which is music to many ears I imagine. But there has been some reports out there of the Series X running surprisingly hot. Well, Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg is here to reassure it’s not a big deal.

On his official Twitter, Greenberg responded to a question about the heat. He said that the engineering team working on the machine did their best testing and they determined that the heat coming from the Xbox Series X is not much more significant than that coming from the current Xbox One X models. He also said that matches his experience at home.

Of course, Aaron Greenberg is the marketing head of Xbox, so you know, you have to keep it in mind. We didn’t receive a unit on our end, so we also weren’t able to test that out ourselves, unfortunately. A system heating up is not necessarily a bad thing, of course, but we’ll just have to see what that heat is really like when the Series X launches alongside the Series S on November 10th.

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