Xbox Series X Internal SSD Has 802 GB of Usable Space

The console requires about 200 GB for OS files.

xbox series x

Lack of storage space has been an issue for those who play games on consoles for some years now, and it’s going to continue being an issue as next-gen approaches as well, especially as games continue to grown in size. Things aren’t going to be any different with the Xbox Series X either, especially with its 1 TB SSD expansion costing a whopping $220.

The Xbox Series X comes with an internal 1 TB SSD as well though, which means there’s plenty of space in the console itself- but a good chunk of it is going to be unusable. As revealed by IGN in their recent hands-on preview of the console, the Xbox Series X’s OS and system files take up a sizable portion of the internal storage at around 200 GB, which means you’re actually left with 802 GB of usable storage space. Meanwhile, the aforementioned 1 TB Seagate SSD expansion has 920 GB of usable space.

200 GB for OS and system files is rather sizable. Microsoft have been talking up the Xbox Series X’s Velocity Architecture for a while- maybe this is the cost it comes at. I’m no technical expert though, so I could be completely wrong about that. That said, one can’t help but wonder how much of the Xbox Series S’ much smaller 512 GB internal SSD will actually be usable.

The Xbox Series X and Series S launch worldwide on November 10.

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