Xbox Series X/S’ FPS Boost Will Mostly Focus on Xbox One Games for Now

Microsoft is “still evaluating” how to add support for the feature to older Xbox titles.

xbox series xs fps boost

With support for an initial batch of five solid games, Microsoft’s new FPS Boost feature – the newest addition to their increasingly impressive backward compatibility support on Xbox Series X/S – is already off to a great start, and with Microsoft promising that more games will continue to get support for the feature in the coming months and years, there’s definitely cause for excitement.

But can players look forward to even some of the older Xbox legacy titles benefitting from the technology? The current batch of games is exclusively from the Xbox One library, but how long will it be before we begin seeing Xbox 360 and original Xbox games getting support added for FPS Boost as well? According to Xbox’s director of program management Jason Ronald, for now, Microsoft are focused on Xbox One games.

Speaking with Kinda Funny, Ronald said that while support for now is mostly going to be for Xbox One games, Microsoft are still evaluating how to add the technology to older titles as well.

“Right now, we’re focused primarily on Xbox One generation titles because we’ve seen the best results there,” said Ronald. “We’re still evaluating, can we bring this technology back to Xbox 360 games or original Xbox games?”

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of games from the Xbox One library that would really benefit from FPS Boost (Dragon Age: Inquisition might be getting support soon), so it’s not like Microsoft are going to run out of games to look at anytime soon. Let’s just hope it isn’t too long before we begin seeing the feature in older games as well.

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