Xbox Series X/S – Official Controller Unboxing Video Details the Biggest Improvements

Microsoft talks about sharing features, improvements to the d-pad, and more.

xbox series x controller

While the PS5 is making some big changes with its controller by introducing haptic feedback and adaptive triggers and potentially making them an integral part of its next-gen experience, Microsoft are taking more of an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach with the new controller for the Xbox Series X/S, which takes the already excellent Xbox One controller and makes some smart yet iterative improvements.

In a new video uploaded by Microsoft, we get to see the new controller getting unboxed, followed by details being shared on what some of the biggest improvements are going to be. From the improved d-pad to the upgraded ergonomics to the new share button, and more, the video talks about quite a bit. Take a look below.

The new Xbox controller will be available in three colours- Carbon Black, to go along with the Xbox Series X; Robot White, paired with the Xbox Series S; and a third colour option called Shock Blue, which will cost an additional $5.

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