Xbox Series X/S Quick Resume Will Continue To Be Fixed And Improved, Says Microsoft’s Jason Ronald

Fan feedback will also be taken into mind with future updates.

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When it comes to the new generation consoles, one factor that both Sony and Microsoft were harping on hard (Sony, especially) was the move from HDD to SSD. For those who were lucky enough to get any of the three new systems, no doubt you’ve seen a big difference in your loading times already and on the Xbox you’ve also got the Quick Resume feature. It’s one of those things that you really don’t think you’ll use much until you have it, especially with Game Pass. However, like a lot of new tech, there are issues. If you recall, Quick Resume was actually disabled in some titles because of technical issues. Well, that’s being worked on, along with other improvements down the line.

Xbox Director of Program Management Jason Ronald was on Major Nelson’s Xbox Podcast to talk about the future of Quick Resume. He said the team was hard at work fixing the problems that are there, and many of the titles that had Quick Resume disabled have been reenabled. He said Quick Resume is something they’ll continue working on, tweaking and improving, based on the feedback they’ll get in the future from players.

“We’ve reenabled Quick Resume for more than 20 Xbox Series X and Series X optimized titles including Gears 5, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, and just this week we reenabled Quick Resume for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and we’re gonna continue to work very closely with partners to make sure that the feature is working as we expect. We’ll continue to reenable this for as many titles as we can over the coming days and weeks, and then we’re gonna really make sure that players are getting what they expect.

“We’re listening to feedback from the community on how gamers want to use Quick Resume. We’re really listening to that feedback and some of the feedback that we’ve heard is the ability to know which games are Quick Resume enabled versus not, or knowing which titles have a current Quick Resume state saved and other ideas that players have.”

Quick Resume is definitely a neat feature and as of now there isn’t really a similar function on Sony’s PS5. Even though the SSD for all three systems are so fast you barely need it, it can cut down time between games even more so. It will be interesting to see what kind of added functions will come down the line.

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