Xbox Series X/S Supply Shortages Will Continue at Least Until June, Says Microsoft Exec

Getting your hands on a new Xbox isn’t going to get easier any time soon.

xbox series x xbox series s

The Xbox Series X/S enjoyed an extremely successful launch across the globe, and by all accounts, the console has continued to sell well in the weeks since then. That said, just like Sony’s PS5, the duo of new Xbox consoles has been suffering from major supply constraints. Prospective purchasers all over have found it extremely difficult to get their hands on either one of the new consoles.

Microsoft have said in the past that they expect Xbox Series X/S’ supply shortages to continue until Q2 of this year, while Xbox boss Phil Spencer has also stated that the company is working hard to ensure that these issues are addressed. It seems, however, that those shortages will go on even longer than previously expected.

Speaking with The New York Times, Microsoft’s head of investor relations Mike Spencer reiterated that that Microsoft sold every single Xbox Series X/S unit it made during the previous quarter, before adding that supply shortages will most likely continue until at least June of this year.

Given the fact that we’re in a pandemic (and the fact that new consoles generally tend to sell out with most of their restocks in their first few months), it’s not surprising that the Xbox Series X and S are in this situation (though it does seem to be more pronounced than usual). Here’s hoping Microsoft can sort out these issues quickly.

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