Xbox Series X/S to Get a New Update That Makes the Consoles More “Carbon Aware”

Xbox Series X_S

Microsoft has announed that a new update coming to Xbox consoles will make the consoles more “carbon aware”. The feature, currently available for Xbox Insiders, changes the Shutdown option on Xbox Series X/S to reduce power consumption when the console isn’t in use.

According to Microsoft, the new Shutdown option is a more sustainable option, using twenty times less power than the consoles would otherwise use when simply making use of its sleep option. According to Microsoft, every two Xbox Series X/S consoles using Shutdown mode saves power equivalent to planting and growing a tree for a decade.

The company recently announced an event alongside Bethesda for January 25 where it will spotlight games like Forza Motorsport, Redfall, Minecraft Legends, and The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Redfall spotlight is set to showcase “several minutes” of gameplay, both single-player as well as co-op, and will highlight the game’s combat, customization options, bosses, and the open world.

It is worth noting that Starfield will be missing from the showcase.

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