Xbox Stream on March 11th Has “Nothing to Do With Bethesda” – Xbox UK

Marketing lead Samuel Bateman says it’s “just us playing games.”

xbox bethesda acquisition

Over the past week, rumors for Microsoft allegedly hosting a stream to discuss its acquisition of Bethesda have been getting hotter. VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb noted that the focus would be on Xbox Game Pass and Zenimax-owned titles coming to the service. However, Xbox UK marketing lead Samuel Bateman denies any such event for March 11th.

On Twitter, Bateman clarified that, “Thursday’s #XboxOn stream has nothing to do with Bethesda. It’s just us playing games and we haven’t decided which one yet.” This may be an elaborate bait-and-switch or just the company telling fans not to get too excited. Either way, temper your expectations.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that said stream won’t be happening in the future, especially given how many plans have shifted in the industry over the past year. Microsoft and Bethesda are also reportedly planning to have separate showcases this Summer during E3 time, though they could take place back-to-back. Perhaps we’ll learn more about Starfield, which is planned for release this year as per rumors. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.

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