Xbox’s New Suspend Feature Rolling Out Is To Help Improve Download Speeds

You can now suspend your game in queue.

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Of all the innovations we’ve seen over the last few years, the suspend feature that came with last generation consoles was probably the biggest game changer, at least for my money. The ability to stop and start most games almost instantly and restart it later was quite something. Now with the SSDs on the new generation consoles, coupled with the Quick Resume on Xbox Series X/S, it’s been taken to a new level. Now there’s even more, this time aimed at helping your download speeds.

Engineering Lead at Xbox, Eden Marie, announced via her official Twitter that a new update is rolling out for Xbox Insiders that includes a new Suspend Feature. You can now be informed when you have a game running in the background that could potentially impact your download, and you can instantly suspend it from the queue. It will also come alongside new banner in the Full Library.

March has always seen quite a lot of updates this month, including some that addressed the infamous controller disconnect issues that some Xbox Series X/S users have had. The current update Marie is referencing is rolling out to Xbox Insiders and should be live for all users relatively soon.

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