Dave the Diver is Getting New Gameplay Content in October Update

Dave the Diver_02v

Indie scuba diving and management sim Dave the Diver is getting its next major update “real soon”. Slated for release later this month, the update will bring a host of new content to the game, including a new zone and new species.

Headlining the list of features is the addition of new content for night-time diving. According to developer Mintrocket, the update will bring with it night-exclusive creatures for protagonist Dave to fight and capture. The update will also be bringing with it additions to the game’s farming systems, including the ability to have Sammy help with farming.

The glacier zone is also getting new content, giving players more of a reason to explore the zone, which previously only really existed for the sake of a few story missions. On collecting all of the Marinca cards by catching various creatures, the game will also pit players against a “powerful new boss”.

On the restaurant management side of things, players will be able to meet a new VIP customer that, once their quest is completed, will allow players to buy new recipes and crops.

Dave the Diver was originally released as an early access title last year. Earlier this year, the game got its full release.

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