Destiny 2: Into the Light’s Pantheon Features Up to Eight Raid Bosses in a Gauntlet

Destiny 2 - Crota's End

Bungie’s Destiny 2 received its latest massive content update, Into the Light, adding Onslaught and a revamped Exotic mission for Whisper of the Worm. There’s more to come, with the raid bosses gauntlet Pantheon going live on April 30th. In the latest “This Week at Destiny,” Bungie confirmed that it includes raid bosses currently in the game, but there are a “few twists on how to approach them.”

“We are keeping some details close to the chest, including the list of enemies you will face,” it added. However, it’s teasing changes to “some” encounters that “many of you already know so well. Prepare to be nimble, adapt your strategies (or throw them out of the window), and your fireteam will find success.”

Pantheon will begin with four bosses and scale up weekly until you face eight on May 21st. The Power cap starts at 5 Power below on the first week and goes up to Contest Mode (20 Power below). When new bosses arrive, players can also expect the modifiers to rotate. Scoring is also in play, as players must “complete each encounter before the bonus timer expires to get a Platinum score and the greatest rewards.”

So what do players get for braving the Pantheon’s challenges? Along with Adept raid and Exotic weapons, there are Deepsight versions of raid weapons with higher difficulties netting greater rewards. While some rewards are weekly, you can unlock four new emblems by completing specific pursuits and Triumphs. Everyone who picks up the Pantheon quest from Shaxx and completes it will earn the new Godslayer title.

Stay tuned for more details before Pantheon’s release. Destiny 2 is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC. Its next expansion, The Final Shape, launches on June 4th and features new Prismatic subclasses. Head here to see them in action.

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