EA Sports WRC Gets New Deep Dive Trailer Showcasing Game Modes Like Career, Moments, And More

ea sports wrc

A new trailer has been released for upcoming rally racing game EA Sports WRC, this time around focusing on showcasing the title’s various game modes and features. The deep dive trailer showcases the game’s career mode, which kicks things off by having players create their own teams that will then rise up the ranks in the world of rally racing. The career mode will allow players to start anywhere in the WRC ladder.

The career mode will allow players to get quite deep with their team, since they will have to manage a budget while also ensuring that their team has a solid engineering crew and selection of vehicles. Players will also get the chance to build their own car from the ground up, setting up various aspects like engine positions and weight distribution.

Next up is the Moments mode, which puts players into the driver’s seats of some of the most iconic moments from rally racing history. Players will be able to use the mode to learn about the history of the sport, while also getting a chance to keep up with the modern world of rally racing. The mode will get new moments added throughout the year.

Regularity Rally is a game mode featuring different forms of competition across several different types of races. Regularity Rally doesn’t revolve around completing stages in the fastest time possible; instead, the player is tasked with driving through the courses at specific average speeds.

The game also features a tutorial mode in the form of the Rally School, which is meant to teach new players how to play the game and race through its intense courses. There is also a Championship mode which allows players to play through a full season of WRC. The game features several other modes, like Quick Play in multiplayer, which allows players to create their own custom events.

The last time EA Sports WRC got a deep dive trailer, it focused on showcasing details about the game’s various stages and locations, the vehicle roster, and car classes, among many other features. EA Sports WRC is slated for release on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, and will be coming out on November 3.

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