Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition Launches November 28

killer instinct

Microsoft and developer Iron Galaxy Studios recently commemorated Killer Instinct’s 10th anniversary by announcing that the fighter will be going free-to-play, while a paid Anniversary Edition will also be available for those who want access to all the content in the game rather than the selection that will be available in the free version. Now, the Anniversary Edition’s release date has also been confirmed, and it’s right around the corner.

Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition will launch tomorrow, November 28, and will unlock at 12 PM Pacific Time. One might wonder why the release date wasn’t announced when the Anniversary Edition itself was just a couple of days ago, but hey- we’re not complaining. At least it wasn’t a long wait.

Meanwhile, as previously announced, the Anniversary Edition launch will also be accompanied by a major new balancing update for the game, which will be the first it’s receiving in several years. Read more on that through here.

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