Enshrouded is Out Now in Early Access

enshrouded 1

Keen Games’ Enshrouded is out now on PC via Steam Early Access. The survival crafting title features base-building and action RPG mechanics as players explore the world of Embervale and attempt to push back against the terrifying Shroud. Check out the release trailer below.

Enshrouded’s early access version offers a “complete experience” in the core gameplay, as per the developer. Players will build a base, save different NPCs, craft better equipment, and then venture to Elixir Wells to destroy Shroud Roots.

As for the future, Keen Games is looking to add more features based on community feedback while expanding the world, adding new biomes, enemies, location types, resources, recipes and higher tiers of equipment and weapons. Additional skills will also open up, and there are plans for new building materials, furniture and decorations.

The current goal is to leave early access within a year, though, as always, it will depend on player feedback. “We firmly believe that by then, we can offer a game worthy of your time and money and will bring you fun for years to come.” Stay tuned for more details on Enshrouded in the coming months.

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