Final Fantasy 14 Free Trial is Getting Expanded to Include Stormblood Expansion


During its recent Final Fantasy 14 Fanfest, Square Enix has announced that the free trial for Final Fantasy 14 will be getting expanded to now also include the Stormblood expansion alongside its earlier contents covering up to the end of the Heavensward expansion.

The new expanded free trial for Final Fantasy 14 will go live with the release of patch 6.5. It is worth noting that only fresh accounts can make use of the free trial, and players who previously tried the game before the free trial went live back in 2020 and stopped playing will have to start over with a brand new account to be able to make use of the current iteration of the free trial.

Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood features a story revolving around the uprising of two nations under Garlean control—Ala Mhigo and Doma. The globe-trotting campaign has the player’s Warrior of Light kick off several rebellions in an effort to push back against the tyranny of the Garlean empire, with the endgame story focusing around bringing the war to an end and leading into the events of Shadowbringers.

The announcement for the new expanded free trial comes alongside other announcements, which most notably includes the name and a teaser trailer for the next expansion for Final Fantasy 14, dubbed Dawntrail. The new expansion is slated for release in Summer 2024, and will also come to the Xbox Series X/S, which is set to get Final Fantasy 14 in Spring 2024.

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