Life is Strange: Double Exposure Trailer Highlights Safi

Life is Strange Double Exposure_03

The first true continuation to Square Enix’s Life is Strange arrives later this year with Life is Strange: Double Exposure. Set years after the first game, it sees Max Caulfield at Caledon University in Vermont, making new friends like Safi. A new trailer highlights her personality while providing more context on her friendship with Max.

Safiya Llewellyn-Fayyad, or Safi, is touted as a poet and a people person keen on helping Max open up. Things take a turn for the worst, however, when she’s murdered one night out of the blue, causing Max to reawaken her time-bending powers. However, instead of rewinding, she enters a parallel timeline.

In this timeline, Safi is still alive (alongside other changes), which would be good news if her killer wasn’t still on the loose. Max hopes to solve the mystery of her friend’s death by jumping between timelines. Interestingly enough, Safi is confirmed to be the daughter of Caledon’s president, Yasmin, though how that will factor into the proceedings remains to be seen.

Life is Strange: Double Exposure launches on October 29th for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC, with the Nintendo Switch version arriving later. It doesn’t support save transfer but respects the first game’s endings, allowing players to choose their desired outcome when starting.

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