Path of Exile: Necropolis Announced, Arrives on March 29th

Path of Exile - Necropolis

Grinding Gear Games’ free-to-play action RPG looter Path of Exile is set to receive its next expansion and Challenge League on March 29th. Necropolis introduces Undertake Arimor, who seeks the player’s help in containing the Spirits of Wraeclast (while furthering his agenda).

With the Lantern of Arimor, players can detect and manipulate Spirits to have them haunt different monsters. Bury them in the Necropolis and exorcise them to earn items. You can even exorcise Eternal Empire members for new Unique Items. Fourteen new Uniques are being added, with five unique to Necropolis League.

Other new content includes Tier 17 Maps with new bosses (including Penultimate foes who present the most challenging encounters yet) and rewards. Players can also have up to two additional Atlas Passive Skill Trees and switch between them without constantly respeccing, and there are new Transfigured Gems to use.

Check out a deep dive of the League with Grinding Gear Games managing director Chris Wilson below. If nothing else, Necropolis should make the wait for the Path of Exile 2 beta, delayed to late 2024, easier.

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