Super Mario RPG – New Overview Trailer Details Combat, Allies, Extra Features and More

Super Mario RPG Remake

Nintendo has struck gold yet again with Super Mario Bros. Wonder, but it has another potential blockbuster on the way this month. Super Mario RPG, a remake of the 1996 SNES role-playing game, releases on November 17th for Nintendo Switch. A new overview trailer in Japanese outlines what to expect – check it out below.

The story sees a mysterious entity called Exor embedding itself into Bowser’s Castle, destroying the Star Road en route. Mario must team up with various allies, from Bowser and Princess Peach to newcomers Mallow and Geno, to gather the seven Star Pieces and save the world. Along with revamped visuals, the remake features rearranged orchestral tracks, new combat mechanics like the Triple Move, and more.

There are also some extra features like rematching against tougher versions of bosses, switching to the classic SNES soundtrack and even a gallery to view all enemies. Of course, Culex, the optional super-boss in Monster Town, is also teased. Head here for more gameplay, and stay tuned for updates.

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