Last Epoch is Exiting Early Access on February 21

Last Epoch

Developer Eleventh Hour Games has announced that loot-based action RPG Last Epoch will be exiting Early Access on February 21, 2024. The game was originally released as an Early Access title on Steam back in May 2019, and has since seen quite a few updates, including support for co-op multiplayer.

In a post on the Last Epoch forums, the studio has stated that it has plans for post-launch content for the game. Last Epoch is set to get substantial new content every few months in a seasonal format, referred to by the studio as Cycles. These Cycles will bring with them new end-game content, skills, unique items, and gameplay systems, among others.

On the way to its 1.0 launch, Last Epoch is still slated to get quite a bit of content, including the addition of Item Factions and the Warlock preview in January. Early February will see the release of the Falconer preview as the game heads into its final month of Early Access.

Much like its contemporaries in Diablo 4 and Path of Exile, Last Epoch is a loot-centric action RPG which throws players into a time-travel-based story. The game’s unique feature is that its skills have their own skill trees which can affect how the skills work. Last Epoch has five playable classes, each with three Mastery Classes that are unlocked over the course of the game’s campaign.

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